List of Important Minerals & Ores

List of Important Minerals & Ores for all Competitive examination like Railway NTPC ,JE,ALP ,Group D,SSC CGL,FCI.

Mineral  & Ores :-Minerals are the substances which are found abundantly in nature and in which a core chemical component is present.

The Ore is the mineral in which good amount of metal is present and the metal is extracted  by a convenient process.

Here we provide a list of  Important Element  and their Ores with composition of Ores which are exam oriented. This  helps to aspirants for all competitive Exams like SSC(CGL,Multitasking),RRB JE, NTPC etc.

                        List of Important Mineral & Ores

Aluminum (Al)Bauxite  –  Al2O3 , 2H2O

Cryolite   –  Na3 AlF6

Corundum  –  Al 2O3

Pelsphere  –  KALSi3O8

Alunite – k2So4 ,Al2 (So4 )3 , 4Al(OH)3

Dyspore  –    Al2O3, H2O

Antimony (Sb)  Stibnite   –   SbS2
Arsenic     Arcenical pyrite-Fe AsS
Barium (Ba)Bithrite -BaCO3

Bariots /Heavy Spar-BaSO4

Calcium (Ca)Dolomite  -CaCO3 , MgCO3

Calcite      –   Caco3

Florespear  –   CaF2

Asbestos  -CaSiO3 ,MgSiO3

Jipsum     –  CaSo4 , 2H2O

Calcium Carbonate -CaCo3

Copper (cu)Cuprite  – Cu2O

Azurit-  2CuCO3 .Cu (OH)2

Malecite- CuCo3. Cu (OH)2

CopperGlance/Callosities  –  Cu2S

Cadmium (Cd)  Grin cite    –   CdS
Cobalt (Co)Cobaltite / Smelight-CoAsS2

Copper Pyrite/Chalcopyrite-CuFeS2

Gold (Au)Claberite –  AuTe2

Seventies – (AgAu2)Te2

Iron(Fe)Hematite -Fe2O3

Limonite -2Fe2O3 ,3H2O

Magnetite -Fe3O4

Siderite -FeCo3

Iron pyrite -FeS2

Lead  (Pd)  Galena  – Pbs

Cirusite – PbCO3

Magnesium (mg)Magnetite   –  MgCo3

Dolomite  – MgCo 3 , CaCo3

Kieserite  –  MgSo4 , H2O

Carmelite  – Kcl , Mgcl2 , 6H2O

Epsom Salt  – Mgso4 7H2O

Manganese (Mn) Pyrolucite –  MnO2

Magnetite –  Mn2O3 , H2O

Magnate    –  Mn2O3  , 2H2O

Mercury  (Hg) Cinabar-HgS
Nickle (Ni)Nillerite –   NiS

Nickel  Glands  – NiAsS

Potassium (k)Nitrate (Saltpeter)  – KNO3

Carnalite  –  Kcl . mgcl2 .6H2O

Potassium Chloride  – Kcl

Potassium Carbonate –  K2CO3

Silver  (Ag)Native Silver   – Ag

Argentite    – Ag2S

Ruby Silver  –  3Ag2S   , Sb2S3

Horn Sliver   –   Agcl

Sodium(Na)Chile Salt peter -NaNo3

Borax -Na2B4O7 , 10 H2O

Common Salt -NaCl

Tin  (Sn)Cassiterite – SnO2
Uranium (U)Carnesite – K(UO)2 , VO4 , 3H2O

Pitch blend – U3O8

Zinc (zn)Zinc Blend  – ZnS

Calamine   –   ZnCo3

Zincites    –     ZnO

In most of Competitive examination like Railway NTPC ,JE,ALP ,Group D,SSC CGL,FCI science is a major part.Under this important questions from Unit and Measurement ,Chemical Formulas,Inventions and Discoveries ,Various Branches etc. So here we provide complete  List of Important Minerals & Ores which helps to students for competitive examination.

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