International Organisation/ Headquarter

International Organisation/Headquarter are maintaining international peace and security. It developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress better living standards and human right. Here is a list of important Organisations for all competitive examinations.

List of International Organisation

                                        International Organisation & Headquarter
Name of OrganizationEstablished YearHead Quarter
World Health Organization (WHO)1948Geneva, Switzerland
International Labor Organization (ILO)1919Geneva, Switzerland
International Telecommunication Union(ITU)1947Geneva, Switzerland
World Trade Organization(WTO)1995Geneva, Switzerland
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)1950Geneva, Switzerland
World Intellectual property org(WIPO)1967Geneva, Switzerland
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development(UNCTAD)1964Geneva, Switzerland
United Nations High Commissioner for refugee(UNHCR)1950Geneva, Switzerland
General Agreement on tariffs and trade(GATT)1948Geneva, Switzerland
World council of churches(WCC)1948Geneva, Switzerland
European energy commission(EEC)1957Geneva, Switzerland
European common market(ECM)1957Geneva, Switzerland
Economic Commission for Europe(ECE)1947Geneva, Switzerland
European fue trade association(EFTA)1960Geneva, Switzerland
UN,s Research Institute for Social Development(UNRISD)1963Geneva, Switzerland
International Standard Organization (ISO)1947Geneva, Switzerland
International Committee of the Red Cross Organization (ICRCO)1863Geneva, Switzerland
United Nations Organization (UNO)1945New York, US
UN’s Women(UNW)2010New York, US
UN International Children’s Emergency Fund(UNICEF)1946New York, US
UN Fund for Population Activities(UNFPA)1969New York, US
UN’ Development Program(UNDP)1965New York, US
UN’s Institute for Training and Research(UNITAR)1965New York, US
UN’s Relief and work for Palestine Refugees(UNRWA)1949New York, US
UN’s Center for Human Settlement(UNCHS)1978New York, US
UN’s Security Council1945New York, US
UN’s General Assembly1945New York, US
UN’s Secretariat1945New York, US
Un’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)1946Paris
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)1961Paris
International Council on Monuments and Sites(ICOMOS)1965Paris
International Atomic Energy(IAEA)1957Vienna, Austria
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)1966Vienna, Austria
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC)1959Vienna, Austria
International Maritime Organization (IMO)1958London, UK
Amnesty International1961London
Common Wealth of Nation1926London
Voluntary Service Overses(VSO)1958London
Women Aid Organisation(WAO)1982London
International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD)1977Rome, Italy
Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO)1945Rome
World Food Program(WFP)1961Rome
International Monetary Fund(IMF)1945Washington D.C, US
International Finance Corporation(IFC)1956Washington D.C, US
World Bank(WB)1944Washington D.C, US
International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO)1947Montreal, Canada
UN’s Environment Program(UNEP)1972Nairobi, Kenya
International Court of Justice1945Hague, Netherland
Central Treaty Organization(CTO)1955Ankara, Turkey
Asia pacific economic Cooperation(APEC)1989Singapore
Association of Southeast Asian Nation(ASEAN)1967JAKARTA, INDONESIA
South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC)1985Kathmandu, Nepal

International Organisation and their Headquarter are evergreen static GK for Railway NTPC,JE,Group D,SSC ,Banking ,LIC,and all competitive examination.

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