Various Branches of Biology

Biology is a combination of many branches and subdisciplines related to living organisms and life. It divided into different Branches of Biology with different properties. Here is a list of important Branches of science that are important for SSC (CGL, Multitasking), RRB(JE, NTPC, Group-D), and all competitive exams.

Agrostology/ GraminologyStudy of Grasses.
Algology/PhycologyStudy of algae.
AgriologyStudy of customs of primitive man
AnatomyStudy of structure of animals and plants
AnthologyStudy of flowers.
AngiologyBranch deals with the blood vessels and the lymphatic system
AntropologyStudy of human societies, cultures and their development
ArthrologyStudy of joints
BiophysicsStudy of physical aspects of living systems
BiochemistryStudy of chemical reactions.
BiogeographyStudy of the living organisms’s geographic distributions.
BacteriologyStudy of bacteria.
BryologyStudy of bryophytes (Mosses, liverworts, hornworts).
BiotechnologyTechnology based on biological processes of organism.
CardiologyStudy of heart and its functioning
CraniologyStudy of skulls.
CytologyStudy of cells.
DendrologyBranch of botany dealing with trees and shrubs.
EidonomyStudy of the organism’s external appearance.
EcologyStudy of organisms and their environment.
EmbryologyStudy of the development of embryos and foetuses.
EntomologyStudy of insects.
EthologyStudy of animal behavior.
ExobiologyStudy of life in space.
Esthesiology ScientificStudy of sensation.
FloricultureStudy of flower farming
GerontologyStudy of social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging.
HematologyStudy related to Blood.
HelminthologyStudy of parasitic worms.
HerpetologyStudy of Amphibians and Reptiles.
HistologyStudy of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues of plants and animals.
HorticultureStudy of cultivating fruits, Vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.
HerpetologyStudy of amphibians and reptiles.
HepatologyStudy of Liver.
IchthyologyStudy of fishes.
ImmunologyStudy of the immune system.
KaryologyStudy of the structure and function of cell nuclei.
KatologyStudy of Human Beauty.
LichenologyStudy of the liches.
LimnologyStudy of inland waters.
LipidologyStudy of lipids.
MastologyStudy of breasts.
MicrobiologyStudy of micro-organism (bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi, and protozoa).
MorphologyStudy of the form and structure of organisms.
MycologyStudy of fungi.
MyologyStudy of Muscular System.
MyologyStudy of the muscular system.
MammalogyStudy of mammals.
MalacologyStudy of the mollusks like snails, clams, octopi etc.
MicrobiologyStudy of microorganisms like bacteria, Viruses, fungi and protozoa.
NeurologyStudy of the nervous system.
NeonatologyStudy of new born up to the age of 2 months
NephrologyStudy of Kidneys
OsteologyStudy of the skeleton System.
OdontologyStudy of the teeth. Organology-Study of the organs of animals and plants.
OrnithologyStudy of birds.
OphthalmologyStudy of eyes
OphlologyStudy of snakes.
OntogenyStudy of the origin and development of an individual organism.
OncologyStudy of tumors.
OlericultureStudy of cultivation of vegetables.
PhylogenyStudy of evolutionary history of a taxonomic group of organisms.
PaleontologyStudy of the fossils.
PsychiatryTreatment of mental disease.
PaleobotayBranch of botany dealing with fossil plants.
PalynologyStudy of pollen grains


PedologyStudy of soils and their natural environment.
ParasitologyStudy of parasites.
PhycologyStudy of algae.
PharmacologyStudy of drugs
PhysiologyBranch dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms
PomologyStudy of cultivates fruits.
PhysmlogyStudy of normal mechanisms and their interactions which works within the aliving system.
PathologyBranch of the cause, origin, and nature of the disease.
RhinologyStudy of the nose and olfactory organs.
SarcologyBranch of the soft or fleshy body parts.
SaurologyStudy of lizards
SyndesmologyStudy of lingament
SplanchnologyStudy of internal organs
SerologyStudy of immunological properties and actions of serum.
TrophologyStudy of nutrition science
TraumatologyStudy of wounds
TermitologyStudy of termites
TricologyStudy of hairs
TaxonomyThe branch deals with naming, describing and classifying organisms.
TaxonomyProcess of naming and classifying animals and plants into groups.
ToxicologyStudy of adverse effects in the living organisms.
TrophologyStudy of nutrition.
UrologyStudy of urine and its diseases.
ZoologyStudy of animals.
ZymologyStudy of the fermentation process.
ZoogeographyBranch of zoology that deals with the geographical distribution of animals.
Zoonosologystudy of handicapped animals

In most of Competitive examination like Railway NTPC ,JE,ALP ,Group D,SSC CGL,FCI science is a major part.Under this important questions from Unit and Measurement ,Chemical Formulas,Inventions and Discoveries ,List of Important Minerals & Ores,Various Branches etc. So here we provide complete list of  Various Branches of Biology which helps to students.

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