50 MCQ on LARGEST LONGEST HIGHEST: Part 2 | Highest, Longest, Tallest, Largest, Smallest places are an important part of questions in General Knowledge for all competitive examinations like RRB NTPC, JE, Group D, SSC CGL, State PSU which are helpful to Aspirants. 50 MCQ on LARGEST, LONGEST, HIGHEST: Part 1 on published on 11 June 2019 on our website.

1.Maximum Jute producing state?

(a) WestBengal

(b) Bihar

(c) Orissa

(d) Andhra Pradesh

Ans- (a) WestBengal

2.Maximum Gypsum producing state?

(a) Rajastan &Kerala

(b) Rajastan &Tamilnadu

(c) Rajastan & Karnatak

(d) None

Ans-(b) Rajastan &Tamilnadu

3.Maximum antimony producing state?

(a) Haryana

(b) Punjab

(c) Delhi

(d) UP

Ans-(b) Punjab

4.Maximum Cashew nut producing state?

(a) Kerala

(b) Tamilnadu

(C) Tripura

(d) Assam

Ans-  (a) Kerala

5.Maximum cinchona producing state?

(a) Kerala

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Orissa

(d) AP.

Ans-(b) Tamil Nadu

6.Maximum Onion producing state?

(a) Maharastra

(b) Kerala

(c) Tamilnadu

(d) Orissa

Ans-(a) Maharastra

7.Maximum Paper producing state?

(a) Kerala

(b) Tamilnadu

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) None.

Ans- (c) Uttar Pradesh

8.Maximum sandle wood producing state?

(a) M.P.

(b) Karnataka

(c) Gujurat

(d) Kerala

Ans- (b) Karnataka

9.Maximum silk producing state?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Gujarat


(d) J&K

Ans- (a) Karnataka

10.Maximum termuric producing state?

(a) Kerala

(b) Tamilnadu

(c) Karnataka

(d) None

Ans- (a) Kerala

11.Maximum Tobacco producing state?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Karnataka

(d) None

Ans-(b) Andhra Pradesh

12.Maximum Tea producing state?

(a) Assam

(b) Gujurat.

(c) Rajastan


Ans-(a) Assam

13.Maximum Length of coast?

(a) Raistan

(b) AP.

(C) Gujarat

(d) None

Ans-(C) Gujarat

14.Largest Spice production of India?

(a) Kerala

(b) Tamilnadu

(c) AR


Ans-(a) Kerala

15.More number of soil testing laboratories?

(a) Gujurat

(b) Maharastra

(c) Karnataka

(d) None

Ans-(c) Karnataka

16.More number of Primary land development banks?

(a)Tamil Nadu

(b) Kerala

(c) Karnataka

(d) None

Ans-(a)Tamil Nadu

17.Largest stadium of the world?



(c) Melborn

(d) strahov

Ans-(c) Melborn

18.Busiest Air Port in the World?

(a) India





19.More number of Tribal people in which state?






20.Literacy state of India?






21.Maximum Diamond producing state?

(a) Madhya Pradesh




Ans-(a) Madhya Pradesh

22.Maximum Gold producing state?






23.Maximum Mica producing state?

(a) Orissa

(b) Bihar

(c) Andhra Pradesh

(d) Assam

Ans-(c) Andhra Pradesh

24.Maxim Cobalt  producing state?

(a) Keraia, Assam

(b) Rajastan, Kerala

(c) Rajastan, Orissa

(d) None

Ans-(b) Rajastan, Kerala

25.Maxim Bauxite producing state?

(a) Bihar& Maharashtra

(b) Assam & UP.

(c) A.P.& Kerala

(d) Odisha

Ans-(d) Odisha

26.Maximum copper producing state?

(a) MP.

(b) UP.

(c) AP,

(d) None

Ans-(a) MP.

27.Maximum fishermen in India

(a) Karala

(b) Tamilnadu

(c) West Bengal

(d) AP.

Ans-(a) Karala

28.Maximum coal producing state?

(a) Orissa &Bihar

(b) Bihar &West Bengal

(c) Bihar & Maharastra

(d) Karnataka & Kerala

Ans-(b) Bihar  & West Bengal

29.Longest River in the world?


(b) Ganga

(c) Themes

(d) Amajan


30.Shortest river in the world?

(a) Luni

(b) Roe River

(c) Gandak

(d) None

Ans-(b) Roe river

31.Largest lake in the world?

(a) Caspian Sea

(b) south China Sea

(c) Baikal

(d) None

Ans-(a) Caspian Sea

32.Largest sea in the world?

(a) Caspian

(b) South China Sea

(c) Dead Sea

(d) None

Ans-(b) South China Sea

33.Largest Delta of the world?

(a) Sundarban

(b) Mahandi Detta

(c) Tigris Delta”

(d) None

Ans-(a) Sundarban

34.Largest salt lake in the world?

(a) Caspian Sea

(b) Red Sea

(c) English Canel

(d) None

Ans-(a) Caspian Sea

35.Largest penisula in the wortd?

(a) South India

(b) Arabia

(c) S.America

(d) None

Ans-(b) Arabia

36.Biggest desert of the world?

(a) Thar

(b) Kalahari

(C) Sahara

(d) Atakana

Ans-(C) Sahara

37.Highest town of the world?

(a) Wenchuan

(b) Hamilton

(c) India

(d) Jakarta

Ans-(a) Wenchuan

38.Highest capital city found in which country?

(a) Bolivia

(b) Yugoslavia

(c) France

(d) Italy

Ans-(a) Bolivia

39.Name of greatest ocean depth?

(a) Challenger

(b) Premear

(c) Regular

(d) None

Ans-(a) Challenger

40.Largest Gulf of the world?

(a) Mexico Gulf

(b) Arabian Gutf

(c) Caspian

(d) None

Ans-(a) Mexico Gulf

41.Largest continent in area?






42.Largest country in Area?






43.Longest rail line in the world?


(b)Konark Railway

(c)West- East Japan



44.Largest church of the world found in which country?



(c)Vatican City


Ans-(c)Vatican City

45.Longest Railway Platform of the world?

(a)Khargpur Railway

(b)Trana Sabena


(d) Gorakhpur

Ans-(d) Gorakhpur

46.Longest wall found in which country?






47.Tallest wall found in which country?

(a)C N Tower

(b)Effel Tower



Ans-(a)C N Tower

48.Oldest University found in?






49.Largest sea found in which country?



(c)Port Elzabeth

(d) Washington


50.Highest Road found in which country?






51.Longest road of the world?

(a)Trana Saiberian

(b)Japanian Highway




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