Highest, Longest, Tallest, Largest, Smallest places are an important part of questions in General Knowledge for all competitive examinations like RRB NTPC, JE, Group D, SSC CGL, State PSU which are helpful to Aspirants.

1.Biggest in the area in the country

       (a) Rajasthan

       (b) Maharastra

       (c) Kerala

       (d) None

       Ans-(a) Rajasthan

2. Highest rain fall area is

       (a) Mansinram

       (b) Nainital

       (c) Masory

       (d) None

      Ans-(a) Mansinram

3. Largest area irrigated by canals

(a) UP.

(b) Punjab

(c) Andhra Pradesh.

(d) None

Ans-(b) Punjab

4.Largest producer of food grains

(a) AP

(b) U.P

(c) Haryana

(d) None

Ans-(b) U.P

5 Largest producer of saffron

(a) Himachal pradesh

(b) J&K

(c) Punjab

(d) None

Ans-(b) J & K

6. Largest rubber producing state

(a) Kerala

(b) Karnataka

(c) Tamil Nadu

(d) Maharashtra

Ans-(a) Kerala

7. Largest fish exporter

(a) UP

(b) Kerala

(c) MP

(d) Tamil Nadu

Ans-(b) Kerala

8. More number of leather factories

(a) Andhra pradesh

(b) U.P

(c) Himachal Pradesh

(d) Kerala

Ans-(b) U.P

9. Largest milk producer of India

         (a) MP

         (b) UP

         (c)  AP

         (d)  Kerala

Ans-  (b) UP

 10.Biggest production of teak wood

(a) MP

(b) Himachal Pradesh

(c) AP

(d) Tamil Nadu

Ans-(a) MP

11. More number of cotton milks

(a) Gujurat

(b) Maharastra

(C) Goa

(d) None

Ans-(b) Maharastra

12. Largest Quinine Producing state

(a) Kerala

(b)Andhra Pradesh

(C) Assam

(d)Tamil Nadu

Ans-(d) Tamil Nadu

13. Maximum length of coast

(a) Gujurat

(b) AP.

(c) Karnatak

(d) Maharastra

Ans-(a) Gujurat

14. Highest number of Cashew processing unit

(a) Gujurat

(b) Kerala

(c) Tamil Nadu,

(d) None

Ans-(b) Kerala

15. Maximum ground nut producing state

(a) Gujurat

(b) Tripura

(c) Assam

(d) UP

Ans-(a) Gujurat

16. Maximum coffee producing Country

(a) Brazil

(b) America

(c ) England

(d) France

Ans-(a) Brazil

17. Maximum barley produce in which country

(a) Russia

(b) America

(c) U.K.

(d) West Indies

Ans-(a) Russia

18. Maximum Wheat Produce in which country

(a) USA

(b) France

(c) Germany

(d) China

Ans-(a) USA

19. Largest Tin producing country

(a) Mexico

(b) Malaysia

(c) Indonesia

(d) Germany

Ans-(b) Malaysia

20. Largest silver producing country

(a) Mexico

(b) West Indies

(c) Argentina

(d) Ghana

Ans-(a) Mexico

21 . Largest manganese producing country

(a) China

(b) India

(c) Brahmadesh

(d) Bangladesh

Ans-(b) India

22. Largest Gold & Diamond producing country

(a) South Africa

(b) Libya

(C) Zaire

(d) Nigeria

Ans-(a) South Africa

23. Largest copper producing country

(a) Canada

(b) Ghana

(c) Chile

(d) None

Ans-(c) Chile

24. Largest steel producing country

(a) USA

(b) Canada

(c) Argentina

(d) India

Ans-(a) USA

25. Largest rubber producing country

(a) Malayasia

(b) Australia

(c) Indonesia

(d) Newzealand,

Ans-(a) Malayasia

26. Largest coal producing country

(a) USA

(b) Canada

(c) China

(d) Japan

Ans-(a) USA

27. Largest Aluminum producing country

(a) UAE

(b) USA

(c) UK.

(d) USSR

Ans-(b) USA

28. Maximum Monazite producing state

(a) Kerala

(b) AP.

(c) Karnatak .

(d) MP.

Ans-(a) Kerala

29. Maximum Uranium producing state :

(a) Orissa 

(b) Bihar

(c) West Bengal

(d) Tripura

Ans-(b) Bihar

30. Maximum lignite producing state

(a)Tamil Nadu


(c) MP

(d)Himachal Pradesh

Ans-(a)Tamil Nadu

31. Largest Ocean of world



(c) Atlantic


Ans-(a) Pacific

32. Smallest ocean of world:

(a) Arctic

(b)Indian Ocean


(d) None

Ans-(a) Arctic

33. Deepest ocean of world

(a) Atlantic ocean

(b) Pacific

(c) Indian Ocean

(C) None

Ans-(b) Pacific

34. Largest Bay at the world

(a) Hudson Bay

(b) Arab Sea.

(c)  Bay of Bengal

(d) China Sea

Ans-(a) Hudson Bay

35. Largest fresh water lake of the world

(a) Lake Mead

(b) Lake Baikal

(c) Lake Superior

(d) Lake Caspian

Ans-(c) Lake Superior

36. Highest plateau of the world :

(a) Pamir

(b) Indies

(c) Tibet

(d) None

Ans-(a) Pamir

37. Largest lake of the world

(a) Caspian Sea

(b) Arabian Sea

(c) Supenor

(d) None

Ans-(a) Caspian Sea

38. Deepest lake of the World

(a) Baikal

(b) English Canal

(c) Red Sea

(d)Caspian Sea

Ans-(a) Baikal

39.Highest mountains of the world

(a) Baharine

(b) Satapura

(c) Himalaya


Ans-(c) Himalaya

40. Lowest point on the earth 

(a) Dead Sea

(b) Antarctica

(c) S. America

(d) North Pole

Ans-(a) Dead Sea

41. Most populous city of the world

(a) Sanghai

(b) Kent

(c) Muscow


Ans-(a) Sanghai

42. Largest Island of the world

(a) Indonesia

(b) Greenland

(c) Cuba

(d) New Gini

Ans-(b) Greenland

43. Smallest country in area

(a) Taiwan

(b) West India Island

(c) Vatican City

(d) Greece

Ans-(c) Vatican City

44. Largest dam in the world

(a) Grand Coulee Dam

(b) Brats lake dam

(c) Fountain Hill Dam

(d) None

Ans-(a) Grand Coulee Dam

45. Highest Dam in the world

(a) Mosco Dam

(b) Rohjunsky Dam    

(c) Fujuyama Dam

(b ) None

Ans-(b) Rohjunsky Dam

46. Highest waterfalls in the world

(a) Angel falls

(b) Amazon falls

(c) Nile tails

(d) None

Ans-(a) Angel falls

47. The largest continent in area

(a) Asia

(b) Africa

(c) America

(d) None

Ans-(a) Asia

48. Largest country in area

(a) Russia

(b) China

(c) Canada

(d) UAE

Ans-(a) Russia

49. Largest country in population :

(a) Russia

(b) India

(C) China

(d) UAE

Ans-(C) China

50. Longest rail line in the world

(a)Trans – Siberian

(b) Konkon Railway

(c) West- EastJapan

(d) None   

Ans-(a)Trans – Siberian

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Highest, Longest, Tallest, Largest, Smallest places in world and India are important static GK for competitive examination.Most of Aspirants read this thoroughly,but in examination may some confusion .so more to more practice Objective Questions or MCQ related your topic which you already studied.So here we provide MCQ on Highest, Longest, Tallest, Largest, Smallest places in India and world.This article helps you to practice for your exam.

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